Vehicle Registration System

Vehicle Registration System

The world is moving fast and getting faster every day, with this changing world one needs to be dynamic and fast in every aspect of life.

In this scenario vehicles are only thing which help people in very faithful manner, so this also needs to be available easily and you should be allowed in your country to ride it freely and legally.

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The registration of these vehicles online will be a good pacemaker instead of doing it manually. So here is a  system where we can registration of the vehicles online.

The important aspects of the system are as follows:

  • User Login
  • Admin Login
  • Agency Login
  • Form Filling
  • Payment
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

Now it’s easy task with fewer clicks far, so request and approval can be online.

Key features of the system are as follows:

  • To eliminate visit of the office.
  • To eliminate of hard task of maintaining the hard documents.
  • To eliminate the heavy waiting time for approval.
  • Anywhere access is also feature of this , one can Do register for any place in the world.
  • As of unified system same system is useful for user and admin perspective.
  • Ultimately reducing the expenses and eases way living and  increases the pace of the life.

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Existing Systems of Vehicle Registration System

Here we are going to discuss the existing systems and other drawbacks in the manual earlier system of registration of the vehicles. The system we are using  i.e. manual system of the registration of the vehicles are very tiresome and time consuming. It take  a lot of time and going there in offices , lining up in  queues . The most common problem is knowing the proper information about the documents and procedure and pricing. Here comes the problem of agents in that where they make huge money ,of no way of the hard earned money of poor people.

Drawbacks of this system

    • It’s a time consuming process
    • Vulnerable storage of documents
    • There is a great possibility that agents incur a lot of money from  poor people without there knowledge of actual expenditure as people have less information reach in the manual system.
    • May be outdated information get passed.
    • Sometimes  it is the  spelling error in manual system that get saved and after that while we check it in final phase it get rejected.

So, above this is the whole process of getting vehicle insurance by our system we can make it little bit more simple and fast process of automated it.

We can automate this process by creating the application which will allow you to use these things in a fully functional way and the application will include the following entities (a entity is a real world object).

Our system will  eliminate a lot problems mentioned above:

  • User have a reach from everywhere of the world ,he need not to go to any office ,he can access the whole system of registration from his home only.
  • Users have access of current requirement information easily
  • No need to give heavy fees to agents, as one can pay online directly to the system registration
  • Spelling validation is available so no spelling error.
  • The whole process take less time that the  traditional one.
  • Easy tracking of the progress of the request.

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Admin will use this system to verify the user , users document and on the basis of that he will check the payments  and if found  all the criteria fulfilled he will sanction the unique registration numbers to them or to their vehicle. This panel is the most important everything under this is supervised by the main authority. Only through this panel the requests can be passed.


Here Every user is asked to fill his entire detail properly, User is provided with a interface to fill information like name, address, vehicle detail and need to upload there photo, vehicle photo, vehicle other details ,certificates.

To avoid the spelling mistake important field are made to write twice with no copy option and matched to remove the chance of spelling mistake.


To exclude the tension of brokers, agents we include here an option to make all payment direct to the main office account. So here u will get all the details of the taxes, fees account and document wise.

Here one can pay via using there debit card, which is frequently used way of payment. This leads to faster and safer way of payment saving us from hectic way of payment and no need to indulge in cash problem.

Now the best way to describe this whole process is a ER-diagram which include the entities and relations with different entities whereas their attributes so, we will design the ER diagram according to the description.

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ER-Diagram of Vehicle Registration System

ERD of Vehicle Registration System

ERD of Vehicle Registration System

Now we will discuss the whole ER-diagram to make better understanding

Here we  have different Entities in our System. We will discuss about each and every entity one by one  below:

Entity User

This entity is Basic for User details here everything need to interact with the whole system. This is basis of the application as one needs to know the requesters and users of the service and one detail feed in the database and validated and needs whenever need to login or make some enquiry about the progress of the requests.

  • User_Id: This is the unique id generated while registering in the system by the user
  • User_name: Name is taken in the database, here name is entered by user twice to verify the spelling mistake if any and eliminate it on their own way.
  • Password: Strong password is recommended to make password more safe as no one else could use one’s details make illegal usage of the data .
  • DateOfBrth: for age verification date of birth according to certificate of birth or matriculation certificate should be given as further this will lead to verify the authenticity of the user
  • Address: In this field user needs to enter his full address with pin code. It should correct and accurate as one can very on this basis bby physical visit or by other means of verification like matching address on multiple proofs
  • Adhaar_Number : It is also a very important number as government has made this a very important proof as we can say this mandatory and must supplied wherever demanded .
  • License_Number: It is also mandatory to upload as needed to verify from matching one and other document  to whom it concern and on the name of the request is done.
  • Vehicle_detail: here user needs to upload all the details of  the vehicle from photo to engine number and  body parts of the vehicle.  This is a very important perspective as one need to know which vehicle is going to be registered and so one must have to identify it clearly and every part id and agency detail . To claim other bonuses it is mandatory to upload detail clearly and cleanly.

Entity Request

One user can  raise a request to make the vehicle registered and for this he launch request entity where he takes the reference of unique user id and takes the all kind of docs uploaded.

Here is some special kind of specification is required or we can say prescribed for uploading the documents . few are like photo of the vehicle should be in clear  and 600 * 500 photo and less than 5 mega pixels.

Further the document like Aadhaar card should be scanned and uploaded and next vehicle license should be scanned and send and next is driving license to uploaded as prescribed .

This entity request has the reference of payment which we will discuss later.

This request is once filled properly, duly signed and confirmed by user than should be passed to admin for approval.

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Entity Admin

Admin panel is the most powerful interface and panel of the system . Most of the highest privileges are given to this account as this is the account where all the request are ultimately going to come.

Nothing can be granted to users without this  Admit panel has the access to only the  panel of scrutiny and who has the power to declare the request valid or not .

So in this a this account is directly related  to the government officials who may have concerns of it. Once it settled up user name and password the account is verified by us to the elite member of the system.

It is distributed to the authorized panel  members and with that only they can access that. So this system is kept in a office where they want to keep and then started that. Now they have all to getting started with the job.

  • Reading the requests from the different users.
  • Validating the number of docs.
  • Verification of authenticity of the documents
  • Checking the payment
  • Approval of the request

As soon as admin authenticate the request the system will generate a  unique id which is termed as vehicle rto number hence in this way that number is provide to user with proper documentation online and on demand offline too.

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Payment is one of the important parts of this whole system. A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that processes credit card payments for online and traditional brick and mortar stores.

Payment gateways facilitate these transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites and the front end processor/bank.

Why this system only payment is such a thing which earlier people use to suffer a lot. Here other outside agents take advantage and come to take money from you. Here every time poor people get nothing come out from it.

As they well know about the complexity of the system and they know that minor mistake can make your form rejected so here they take advantage of it. Earlier there was no way to escape it ,but now after arrival of this system their  is big loss to those agents and big gain for all applicants of this system. 

So here we come with a such which eliminates all kind of termites of the system. Making direct payment without any hesitation to the system admin and get the form sanction in very less time and effort.

One user can pay through using this payment gateway without hesitation as this is foolproof . user should have debit card to pay or one can pay through online banking and other new option like upi payments where only mobile number become your bank and one pay.

Eliminating the effect of the cash and transitioning towards the digital transaction make the way living easy firstly and then  gives the other way of living free from  all kind unnecessary problems.

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About Us

 This feature will provide the information about the company and developers so that if you want to get new design or any kind of change and suggestion you can come up to us.

Here  one can showcase there achievements in last years. Here we can inform people about our new initialitives of the recent time. Here we can give detail about the higher authorities ,awards won by  the department and member of the departments.

Contact Us

In this section, we have provided the contact number and proper address so that client and user reach to us and mentioned their problems to solve it.

Here we can provide a form for filling the details of the problems faced by user and further can revert to the respected authorizes to resolve the problem. Here we can ask about details to contact where we can send the information  for the progress of the action on the problem issues.

So, changes happened after developing this application, people do not need to stand in long queue to deposit the installments, no need to take holiday for placing the repayments.

Simply we can deposit our money online through application where you find different options to pay the money options such as, pay by debit card, credit card or through net banking.

In our application, we have designed it in such a way that user will get the notification if there is any pending installments, prior two to three days so that clients can deposit it without any late charges. Indirectly this application will maintain all our headache of depositing installments and remembering the dates of installments.

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Advance Features of Vehicle Registration System

In this application if you don’t want to make any transactions manually you can simply add the account number of the bank or place or person whom you want to deposit the instalments this application simply detects the date and make transaction on that date.

System should be available on most of famous platforms.

It means, application simply deduct the money from our account and send it to deposit for completing instalments and make you free from all this hectic process of depositing money and  remembering the dates of instalments.

System Requirements

  • User should have appropriate version of windows.
  • System should have up to 1 GB ram minimum requirement for the application.
  • Application should be installed on system.
  • Internet Connectivity is must for this purpose
  • Cpu with a speed of 1.3Ghz is a good choice for normal usage

So, this is the overall process of making the Insurance policy system worked, and user can get the policy without any headache of agent and sometime don not need to provide commission to them.

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User Interface of Vehicle Registration System

This is one of the main task of the developer to design such an interface that user can use it easily in one word it should be user friendly and for this you should have better understanding of the audience which going to use this application, initially we need to locate the targeting people that what kind of application do they need.

After getting all this information we should start to design the application. I would love to have a little UI/UX improvements by somehow add icons in one row as replacement for “Paragraph type” + “Add another Paragraph”.

Is this maybe possible by adding the icon within the paragraph-entity which is then fetched and displayed in the “edit”-form?

One thing which most important in this whole process of designing of the interfaces is its easiness of the usage . the interface is made in such a way that user do not  need to  think twice to understand that what one feature will do.

User should be familiar with the interface and every task should fewer click away. Colour combination should right so that while the critical things are mention in a way that user sees those first then other things after that.

One can use red colour for that kind of jobs. Other good combination can blue and white combination or black and white or grey is a good way of colour combinations.

Allows you to define representative image or media fields for entities like nodes, taxonomy terms and the like. These can then be used in Open Graph meta tags (via tokens); or as fields in views.

The media module is also supported. A default image can be defined for those entities without images.

We have noticed that the all government websites or app which are made very roughly made and very much against the concept of user friendliness .

Which make the user experience very bad and all the hard work of setting the system become vulnerable. So what we think here is we must take of it and should research a bit while making the interface of the system.