(Just In The USA Alone!)

We are well within the so-called “App Age”!

Almost 2/3 of the world population own a smartphone and spend the majority of their “digital minutes” on it every single day. We use smartphones to communicate, share our content and spend our money. That’s right! 50% of online shopping is now done via smartphones.

And the numbers are only getting higher!

After all, a smartphone is the most convenient way to shop. It’s always right in your pocket and anything you want is at your fingertips! Literally!

Let’s see some cold facts: almost 71% of digital minutes are spent on a mobile and 90% of those minutes are spent in apps. That’s millions of digital minutes spent by millions of potential customers.

And where is your business? Can you afford to miss out on this?

Having a multi-UI mobile app is now not only recommended, but vital, if you want to survive in the extremely competitive online market. Think about the top multi-billion dollar companies in the world.

They all have mobile apps that are not only fancy and well-designed, but they make it super-easy for customers to spend their dollars right from their smartphones. It’s all about the convenience!

Nobody likes to get up, put clothes on, drive to the store, walk around for hours, try different things, wait in line for the cashier, get in the car again, get stuck in traffic and spend 5 hours of their valuable time on something that could be done is seconds. Right there! Right now! From the comfort of their couch!

Think about it… Which one would YOU prefer?

That’s why not having a mobile app is the equivalent of just giving up!
Are you willing to give up on your business? Your dreams? Your ambitions?

Perfect! Now Let’s Get Down To Business!

Here’s Why You Absolutely NEED A Cutting-Edge, Responsive & Well-Designed Mobile App:

Be Visible To Potential Customers – having a mobile app is just like opening a new branch. This is now your storefront. You can advertise your products or services and you can reach billions – yeah BILLIONS – of new potential customers

Skyrocket Your Direct Marketing – remember all those notifications that pop up on your mobile screen every now and then? You may think they’re annoying, but here’s the truth: THEY WORK! You can finally inform your customers on new products, services and make sure that your message gets across!

Build Your Brand – with the average American spending over 2 hours daily using a smartphone, you can turn your business into a household name by simply persuading them to download your app. It’s so easy and it can double or even triple your audience.

Engage Your Customers – offers, coupons, prizes, discounts, games, you name it! Instead of spending your funds on expensive billboard ads, print ads or a mail campaign, you can do everything on your app. And your customers will love it!

So far, you have already realised that having a mobile app can open up a new world when it comes to brand recognition and customer base.
But chances are you are not a coding-guru, you are not very familiar with app and software development. That’s why you need to trust your project with a company that can deliver.

Why Not Trust The Professionals Then? Here’s How LovelyCoding Can Help Your Business Grow!

We are a team of highly-qualified and experienced mobile app developers that have only one goal: to make your business a household name. It’s that simple!

  • By choosing LovelyCoding, you can have a whole team of talented smart app developers working on your project, instead of just 1 very bored and disinterested developer.
  • Your time is valuable and we treat it that way. We can guarantee a turnaround time so fast that it will make your head spin!
  • You want your mobile app to stand out from the rest, don’t you? After working on hundreds of mobile software development projects, we have the experience needed to provide you with a one-of-a-kind mobile app! [Find Out For Yourself: insert link with previous work]
  • You don’t have to worry anymore. We will do all the hard work, handle every single detail from User Interface to coding and all you have to do is tell us what you like. Though every aspect is handled in-house, we thrive on working with others until our common goal is reached.
  • You are not alone! After your mobile app is built and published, we offer constant, direct and personal 24/7 support. You can ask questions, suggest improvements or find out data about your app, anytime, anywhere!

And the one aspect that really separates us from the pack?

  • We LOVE our job! Our enthusiasm, creative problem-solving skills and result-oriented approach will be highly visible on the final app!

So, if you want a mobile app that is:

  • Cutting edge
  • Responsive
  • User-friendly
  • Fancy
  • Affordable

LovelyCoding Is Your Top Choice! Click Here To Find Out More! [link]

What LovelyCoding is going to offer you is a bigger bang for your buck!

Unlike other software development firms, we like to treat our customers like family! We are accustomed to working with small and large business owners, who may not be very familiar with the digital world. That’s why we will do our best to walk you through every single detail.

And Remember! We Take Care Of Everything!

Our qualified coding “nerds” will:

  • Design your Android or iOS app
  • Develop the software
  • Build a clean, responsive and user-friendly UI
  • Test the performance of your app
  • Fix any bugs
  • Tweak it with some of the most inspired plugins
  • Manage every single detail
  • Publish your stunning mobile app!

You can now focus on the business aspects that you are best at and leave all the hi-tech “mambo jumbo” to us!

Don’t Waste Any More Time! Click Here To Find Out How LovelyCoding Can Turn Your Business Into A Mobile App Goliath!

9 Out Of 10 Business Owners Don’t Take Full Advantage Of The Mobile App Market. Are You One Of Them?

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